14 April 2010


Luke Edward Wylie

Luke Edward Wylie was born last Thursday at 9:34am, nearly a week ago. What a week it has been! Susan and Luke where able to come home Monday, and now he is nearly a week old!
All the pictures have been posted on our web album, and most anyone that would see this blog have seen them already. I have also put pictures up on Facebook.
Thank you all for your prayers and notes and congratulations. Both baby and mother are doing well.

14 February 2010

Happy Birthday Susan!

Two great pictures

Susan and kids today, February 14 2010. Yesterday was Susan's birthday - she was out most of the day - hair appointment, nails, lunch with friends - then we went out last night to Dave and Busters. So the kids gave her birthday presents and we ate cake (well, Susan and I and Michaela) today. If you are curious as to how Susan's pregnancy is 'looking' these days, just scroll below...
Here is a shot I took on the 10th - Susan's due date is April 23rd. That seems far away for some reason. Not to jinx anything, but I am betting it shows up a little before that date. Andrew's birthday is April 21, btw, and Michalea's is March 22.

14 September 2009

Random Photos of Family, Kids Parts 6-15

Here are some more Random Photos from this summer, parts 6-15. Lots going on recently, so I have been a bit slow to post photos and updates on the blog this summer...Enjoy!
Great shot of Mother and Son, at the Zoo, August 22.
Here is Susan at the Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville, TN - July 23, 2009. Notice the dance floor in the background and stage; they were conducting some sort of square dancing class!Outside same said Wildhorse Saloon; One of us is a horse, one of us is a horse's rear(!) You be the judge...
Me and the kids at the Zoo not too long ago, August 22. We go to the Zoo quite a bit. Michaela really likes to stick out her tongue for some reason.
Here is a shot of Susan inside (!) the Opryland Hotel, July 24. As if it wasn't big enough, they've added on quite a bit since the last time I was there in 1997.

I love this shot, just snapped it the other day, September 1. My little sweet-pea.

Susan at one of the piers at San Franscisco Bay, May 15 2009.

One of my personal favorites: Me and Andrew in front of the largest engine at the Colorado Locomotive Museaum, May 22.

Here's Susan enjoying a Milkshake at a favorite spot in Palo Alto, California...May 14th...Can't remember the name of the place, but Susan loves their ice cream shakes.
And finally, "Little Oatmeal," at 8 weeks, taken today, September 14....What a summer it has been for the Wylies-in-Denver, eh?

13 September 2009

Random Photos of Family, Kids Part 5

A shot of the kids, September 3, 2009: Michaela is 18 months now, Andrew is nearly 4-1/2.

Random Photos of Family, Kids, Part 4

A photo I really like of the kids, taken Sept. 2, 2009: If you haven't seen Andrew in awhile (or Michaela, for that matter), it would probably strike you how tall they seem to be getting, esp. for their age. Andrew is especially getting big - not an ounce of baby fat, either! I hope he is into football (read: Linebacker) when he is older. He does like to kick the soccer ball around with me quite a bit.